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a taste of nostalgia

TASTE (noun): the sensation of flavour perceived in the mouth and throat on contact with a substance.

NOSTALGIA (noun): a sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past.

There’s something nostalgic about food, a simple whiff can bring back memories so vivid you can taste them. For Chef Justin Bland, that ‘taste of nostalgia’ is exactly why he loves to cook.

Justin’s earliest memories in the kitchen were with his Nanna, they were always making something new and it was here that his love of cooking was born, as he realised every meal was a work of art.

At 16, Justin decided to follow his passion for food and began a chef apprenticeship. Learning under some of Townsville’s best chefs he had the opportunity to explore a variety of flavours and techniques, but after 15+ years his heart still belongs to Italian.

Justin believes Italian food is best shared with family and friends, and after years of making his homemade sauces and fresh pasta for his loved ones, he wanted to share his passion with his community; and so, Mangiamo was born. Headed up by Justin, Mangiamo serves up freshly made meals and delicious desserts in the Townsville Region from their fully stocked food van.

Mangiamo means ‘let’s eat!’ in Italian, and that is exactly what you will do at their portable restaurant, where you can expect quality food and service with passion.


justin bland in his food truck smiling
"There is something beautiful about the simplicity of Italian food, the way the pasta holds the sauce and the bursting flavours of fresh herbs and produce just make my mouth instantly water. I’m yet to meet someone who doesn’t have the same experience!"
Justin Bland
Chef and Owner, Mangiamo

Our Core Values


We are North Queenslanders through and through and love our community. That's why we support other local businesses and give back through our food waste program.


Italian food, great food, is all about quality ingredients prepared to showcase the flavour. We hand select our local produce to ensure it's the best there is.


We are honest and respect our amazing customers, which is why we uphold the utmost integrity in all of our services.


Cooking is art and we love to create dishes that look great and taste incredible.


Family, Familigia, we couldn't do this without our family and friends. We are so grateful for their support which allows us to share our passion for food with yours.

Let's eat.